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Versa-Matic RE2 Metallic Clamped High Efficiency Pump

Versa-Matic RE2 Metallic Clamped High Efficiency Pump

AirVantage is advanced technology for AODD pumps that significantly reduces air consumption over conventional designs.

AirVantage Pumps:

  • Reduces air consumption up to 50%
  • Interchangeable center section upgrades for Wilden®
  • Automatically adapts to process conditions
  • Powered only by compressed air - No batteries
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces compressor maintenance
  • Optimizes energy & performance

  English Metric
Flow Rate
adjustable to 0-165 gpm 0-625 lpm
Port Size 2" NPT
Air Inlet 1" NPT  
Air Exhaust 0.75" NPT  
Suction Lift
17' Dry/32' Wet (5.2m/9.8m)
Max. Particle Size
(Diameter) 0.43" 11mm
Shipping Weight 76 lbs 34.5 kg
Note: For E1 pumps fitted with PTFE diaphragms, reduce water discharge figures by 20%. Suction lift is reduced to 10' (3.05m) dry and 20' (6.10m) wet.

Caution: Do not exceed 125 psig (8.5 bars) air supply or liquid pressure.