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Positive Displacement Pump Softstart

Positive Displacement Pump Softstart

  • 20-600 HP
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Service Entrance Rated
  • 230/460V Rated
  • Advanced Motor Protection
  • Current Rated 500% for 60 Seconds
  • Full Panel Surge protection
  • CB with Door Mounted Lockable Handle
  • Integral Full Rated Bypass Contactor with X-Line Mode
  • Accepts inputs for up to 7 Murphy swtiches
    • Individually Selectable for NO or NC
    • Interposing Relays Isolation on Murphy Inputs
    • Vibration Trip, Crank Case Oil Level, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Gearbox Oil Level, Lubricator Oil Level
  • Front Panel Indicators and Keypad
  • Start/Stop, HOA, Reset buttons
  • Indicating LED’s on I/O board (troubleshooting aid)