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Koch BioMAX HEPA Filters

Koch BioMAX HEPA Filters

A Complete Line of HEPA Filters for Hospital, Commercial and Industrial Applications
  • Available in three efficiencies on 0.3 micron size particles:
  • 99.97% and 99.99% HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters)
    99.999% ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filters)
  • Standard and High Capacity Models
  • Multiple Cell Side options
  • Factory tested for efficiency and performance

BioMAX HEPA Filters

Koch Filter Corporation BioMAX HEPA Filters are designed to provide the highest level of filtration available for commercial and industrial applications. They are widely used in hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceutical plants, and in hundreds of other systems where clean air is critical in the protection of people, processes and equipment.

BioMAX HEPA Filters are constructed using the highest quality components available and are available in efficiencies of 99.97%, 99.99% and 99.999% on 0.3 micron size particles.

Standard construction BioMAX HEPA Filters are manufactured with galvanized steel cell sides (UL Class 1) or particle board cell sides (UL Class 2). Multiple cell side options are also available.

BioMAX Construction

Two Media Area Capacity Options

Standard Capacity BioMAX HEPAStandard Capacity BioMAX

Standard Capacity BioMAX Filters offer an excellent combination of high efficiency, factory tested performance, and economical initial purchase price.

The filter is designed to operate under normal conditions, with the 12" deep model capable of maintaining a pressure drop of 1.0" w.g. at airflows up to 260 feet per minute.

Standard Capacity BioMAX Filters are offered with wood or metal cell sides in efficiencies of 99.97%, 99.99%, and 99.999% on 0.3 micron particles.


High Capacity BioMAX HC 

High Capacity BioMAX HC Filters are designed to operate in applications with higher airflows up to 500 FPM (Feet per Minute). Constructed with approximately 50% more filter media than Standard Capacity Filters, High Capacity BioMAX HC Filters can operate at velocities up to 2000 CFM with only a slight increase in pressure drop and offer several additional performance advantages:

BioMAX High Temperature HEPA Filter

• Lower average pressure drop at equivalent airflows.

• Can operate at higher airflows with only slight increase in  resistance.

• Extended media area means longer service life, fewer filter changes, and reduced maintenance and disposal costs.

• Reduced space requirements for filter banks, fewer filters required.

• Excellent choice for new systems and renovations of existing systems.

High Capacity BioMAX Filters are offered with wood or metal cell sides in efficiencies of 99.97%, 99.99%, and 99.999% on 0.3 micron particles.



BioMAX Filters for Specialized Applications

BioMAX High Temperature HEPA Filters 
Several models are available for use in systems with above-normal operational temperatures.

BioMAX 95% DOP Filter 
Bridges the gap between ASHRAE and HEPA efficiencies.

Standard Cell Side ConfigurationsOptional BioMAX Components and Features

Cell Side Options

18 gauge galvanized steel (standard metal)
Particle board (standard wood)
304 Stainless steel
16 gauge galvanized steel
Aluminized steel

Separator Options
Corrugated aluminum (standard)
PVC coated aluminum

Gasket Options
Neoprene (standard downstream)
Fiberglass Rope

BioMAX are furnished standard with gasket downstream. Also available with gasket on both sides or with no gasket.

Sealant Options

Polyurethane Foam (standard)
Solid Urethane (optional on some models)

Faceguards Options

Expanded galvanized steel
Expanded aluminized steel
Stainless steel 

 BioMAX Technical Data