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We service a wide variety of business sectors and companies in Texas and beyond. If you don't see your industry listed, 4-STAR Hose can still fill your order for any hose, fitting, valve, or reel requirement and application. With the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we can fill your need.

Steel Industry

The steel industry's needs for materials that withstand high temperatures are met by a variety of our suppliers, including Gates, GSM, Hose Master, and Salem Republic . High temperature hydraulic hoses, protective sleeves, metal hose, gas hoses, and armor-clad hoses are all one phone call away. Our high quality products keep the furnaces burning.

Oil and Gas Industry

We supply hose, fittings, valves, hammer unions, gauging equipment, clamps, and related tools and accessories that are designed for drilling, air, steam, gas, water, dry bulk, chemicals, and petroleum applications. We also carry a large range of hose and truck equipment to support the water hauling segment of the oil and gas industry. The fast pace of the oilfield is matched by our superior service.

Paint Manufacturing

Paint plants use a wide variety of our products, including composite hose, actuated valves, diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, and many other of our general MRO products.

Transportation & Bulk Hauling Industry

Find whatever you need for bulk hauling servicing, whether for pneumatic sand and cement applications, petroleum delivery, chemical transport, dry-material transport, or food products. This includes products like high quality sand hose and ductile camlocks. We also carry superior-quality petroleum fueling equipment, including nozzles, swivels, and breakaways.

Plastic Injection Molding Industry

This industry demands high pressure hydraulic hoses, mold couplings, extruder rupture disk assemblies, material hose, and more. You'll find them all at 4-STAR.

Mining Industry

We have everything you might need in hoses, couplings, and adapters including abrasion-resistant high-pressure hydraulic hoses and staple lock couplings.

Construction Industry

Hydraulic hoses for equipment, jackhammer hoses, mill hoses, valves, and hydrant adapters are just some of the products we provide for construction needs.

Chemical Industry

We carry a broad line of hoses, fittings, or valves needed for material transfer in the chemical production industry, including Teflon and composite hoses, metal hose, and any kind of fire hose.

Pulp and Paper Industries

Hydraulic hose assemblies for timber processing equipment, machinery, metal hosing, hoses to handle chemical transfers, and general water and air hoses are all available from 4-STAR Hose.

Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industry

Where hygienic conditions are required, we have sanitary, high-purity couplings as specified by all major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food companies. We also carry items like food-grade air filtration, gaskets, hoses, and other food-grade products.

Agriculture Industry

We carry spray hoses, hydraulic hoses, fittings, valves, and hose assemblies for use in chemical agriculture and irrigation.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We have sanitary solutions for bulk transfer, smooth-bore, interlocking coupling, and high-pressure needs in the pharmaceutical industry.


From hydraulic hose to sewer cleaning hose to valves, we carry the products municipalities need to keep running.

Other Industries

If you don't see it listed here, call us today and we probably have it.

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