Having a factory trained ASME Certified welder on staff allows us to build custom fabricated stainless steel metal hose assemblies in-house at our Dallas branch.  So whether it's a Corrugated, Stripwound, or Expansion Joint metal hose you need, you can rest assured your stainless steel metal hose assembly has been built and tested according to ASME specifications.

As a Hose Master distributor we work together with Hose Master's highly trained staff to be sure you get exactly what you need.  For more details and technical information on the different types of Expansion Joints including a short description of Pre-Engineered Bellows, Unrestrained Single, Limit Single, and Tied Single Expansion Joints click the image below.  You will also find a helpful Expansion Joint Specification Inquiry Sheet within the catalog to assist us in narrowing down your specific requirements.  Keep in mind that there are an innumerable combination of dimension and requirement possibilities.  This catalog only has technical information for the most common Pre-Engineered types of Expansion Joints up to 300 PSI and up to 30 inches in diameter, but Hose Master provides Custom Designed Expansion Joints all the way up to 120 inches in diameter. 

Hose Master Exapnsion Joints Hose Master Expansion Joint