MobileCrimp 4-20
  • The latest in high tech crimping.
  • Portable and lightweight - only 57 pounds.
  • Powerful enough to crimp up to 1-1/4" I.D. four spiral-wire hose.
  • Great for jobs in the field
Power Crimp 707

  • The most precise, yet simplest crimper made.
  • The first crimper with electronic digital readout to indicate crimp diameter setting.
  • Crimps low pressure return lines to high pressure spiral hoses, from 3/16" to 1-1/4" I.D. four spiral-wire hose.
  • Crimps straight and bent tube couplings, plus 45° and 90° types.
  • Sage capable.
SC-32 Crimper
  • Compact design to minimize space required.
  • High-ton ram force with an integrated pump.
  • Pump pre-wired for either 110 or 220 Volt (1 phase) outlets.
  • Bottom-loading makes crimping easier.
  • Come with all the base plates and spacers required to crimp up to 2" hoses

GC32TSi Crimper 

  • Select hose and couplings to be crimped on control panel. Images of these components will then be displayed on tablet screen along with required dies.
  • Precision crimps without looking up data, adjusting crimper settings or manually measuring final crimp OD.
  • After crimp is complete, the crimp OD is automatically measured and displayed on screen.
  • Crimper will not fully retract until the proper crimp OD has been achieved.
  • Crimper head ratchets a few degrees after each retract to re-distribute grease.
  • Controller is updated where wireless internet is available, or via thumb drive.
  • Rear-mounted camera ensures coupling is in full contact with dies prior to crimping.

GC96TS Crimper

  • Electronic touch screen control panel for fast input of crimper settings.
  • Horizontal front-end feed makes crimping easier and convenient.
  • 340 ton force that allows crimping of a wide variety of couplings.
  • 2 speed die closure and rapid retract permit fast assembly fabrication.
  • 2" 6 wire hydraulic hose and 6" industrial hose capable.

MobileCrimp 4-20 Crimper
MobileCrimp 4-20 Crimper

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